The mandate of the Gauteng IDZ is to facilitate foreign and domestic direct investment in the development and operationalization of programmes that promote inclusive and competitive beneficiation in targeted sectors within the Gauteng City Region. The Gauteng IDZ is specifically mandated:

  • To identify and enable focussed programmes to increase the manufacturing and beneficiation capability and activity in targeted sectors of the Gauteng economy
  • To drive, export-driven development and economic growth, and to help position Gauteng as a global competitive city region
  • To form internationally competitive manufacturing, beneficiation and industry- related precincts that are resourced, funded and operated by public/private partnerships
  • To fuel opportunities for technological advancement and skills development in the manufacturing and beneficiation industries in the province
  • To establish an enabling platform for investment opportunities through public/private partnerships, whilst stimulating job creation and socio-economic development
  • To increase industrialisation and stimulate economic diversification whilst attracting foreign and local investment